GreenTrac 4000

Product description

Manual or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) electric pull truck.
For unmanned tracking of the induction process.

Product specifications

  • 5Voltage battery: 24 V
  • 5Ampère battery: 300 Ah
  • 5Color: Green/Grey
  • 5Power: 2.5 kW
  • 5Type of tires: Solid tires PU/Rubber
  • 5Number of wheels: 3
  • 5Battery indicator and diagnosis indicator
  • 5Battery charger
  • 5Strong maintenance free wheel and traction motor
  • 5Towbar
  • 5Towing force: 4.000 kg.
  • 5Driving speed 0-3,6km/u AGV, 0-8km/u manual
  • 5Safety bumper
  • 5Drives autonomously via induction line and manually

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