Greentrac 5000 (AGV)

Manual or Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) electric tractor.

  • Drive manual and autonomous via induction line 
  • Mechinacal steering system 
  • Drivespeed up to 12km/u (3,6 km/u AGV)
  • Solid rubber tires 
  • Safety bumper
  • Short turning circle 
  • Rear wheel drive with AC motor and drum brakes 
  • Made entirely of welded sheet steel 


  • High corrosion resistance through sandblasting and 2-layer powder coating 
  • Chair for prolonged manual use
  • Short turning circle 
  • Able to tow 5000kg 
  • Compact design 
  • High battery capacity 
  • Easy to combine with sanding automation 

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  • Built-in battery charger 
  • Central battery filling system 

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