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Electric Vehicles

GreenLift 3500D

New generation compact scissor lift for crop work.

GreenLift 5000D

Greenhouse aerial platform for maintenance and crop work

GreenLift 6500D

Greenhouse aerial platform for maintenance

GreenLift Flex Plus

Hydraulic scissorslift equipped with two set wheels in combination with two castor wheels.

GreenLift Flex Pro

Greenhouse aerial platform for maintenance

ControlLift 3000B

From pipe rail to concrete path without stepping off.

GreenTrac 5000 (AGV)

Electric pull truck


GreenTrac 4000 (AGV)

Electric pull truck

GreenLift E3000

Manual lift

GreenCart LPC

Leaf picking cart

Harvest Carts

GreenLift 3000-Pepper

Pepper harvest cart

GreenCart THC-L

Tomato harvest cart

Greencart SHC

strawberry harvest cart


Spray trolley (Green Sprayer Automatic-200)

Mobile charging station

Empas Georgia Spray /pumpcart 600 – 2000 liter

Suitable to pair with Green Sprayer Automatic 200

Danish cart undercarriage

Undercarriage for Danish trolleys for transport on pipe rail

Bumblebee frames

Bumblebee frames for all common greenhouses



Octiva creates robotic labor automation solutions for the Controlled Environment Agriculture market, in close collaboration and at the service of innovative growers.


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